'Twilight' the Musical Is Taylor Lautner's Most Fabulous Idea Ever (VIDEO)

taylor lautnerUnderstandably, some people might be having a hard time saying goodbye to Twilight. After the first movie came out in 2008, fans have been anticipating, and perhaps dreading, the final installment that opened this week, Breaking Dawn Part II. But Twihards might not have too long to sit around and mourn the end of their favorite franchise -- Taylor Lautner just gave an interview to MTV saying he'd like to see somebody make a Twilight musical


My, my, Taylor! What a fabulous idea! Write up some catchy tunes (Debra Messing made it look so easy on the short-lived show of hers where she played a Broadway musical composer), cast some great dancers, hire some guys to work the rigging and harnesses for flying (note: do not hire the people responsible for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark), get some actors with chemistry to play Bella and Edward, buy as many dry ice machines as legally possible ... then, boom. Broadway smash hit.

I mean, I'd buy a ticket, and I don't even like Twilight that much. I'd wanna see how they musical-ified the story, and yeah, I'd go to see the actors fly about on stage and leap from balcony to balcony. Not because that would necessarily thrill me, but because I'd want to have a chance at suing for damages when Bella comes crashing into Row F. My neck really hurts, Judge, etc

Taylor goes on to say that perhaps a Twilight reality show might be something that could keep the franchise going, but when pushed further, he had no idea how that might actually work. Neither do I, Taylor, but I'm hoping that if they do decide to make one, it'd be half like Amish in the City and half like the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

An Edward and Bella rumspringa hosted by TJ Lavin? Sold.

Watch Taylor hype is Twilight ideas:

Would you see a Twilight musical?

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