Robert Pattinson Calls Rupert Sanders & Proves He's the Bigger Man

robert pattinsonIf this story is true, then everyone remove your gosh darn hats and bow to the King of Congeniality, Robert Pattinson. Sources are claiming that RPattz called up Rupert Sanders recently to get his side of the Kristen Stewart affair saga -- apparently, Rob just wanted to hear from Rupe that he didn't sleep with KStew. Rob knows they "fooled around" and everything (I mean, the photos don't lie) but evidently he wanted to confirm his girlfriend's assertion that she and Mr. Sanders didn't do the nasty.

Either Robert is one enormous masochist or the most-forgiving, cool-headed person on planet Earth.


If I were Robert, I'd rather deny there was a problem for twenty-five years, grow a ball of anger so large in my stomach that my colon and esophagus stop functioning correctly, lie to myself on a daily basis pretending "everything's fine", than acknowledge, let alone confront, the issue at hand.

Kudos to Robert for not burying the hurt deep inside. It takes real balls, perhaps superhuman, vampire balls, to face your problems. For his sake, I'm glad this alleged conversation with Rupert went well and that RPattz got the closure he needed, because, dang, could you imagine if the exchange had gone poorly? If Rupert had been all "Yeah, dude, banged your girl. For sure, man."

I wouldn't want to speculate and say that there would've been young 22-year-old blood spilled on a Breaking Dawn II red carpet event, but I'm pretty sure someone would've tried to stab KStew in the chest with a wooden spike-thingy.

But hey, I'm just glad this rumor furthers my assumption that Robert Pattinson is a pretty solid individual. Any man who doesn't back down in the face of scandal has my vote.

What? The election's over and RPattz isn't president? Aw for fuck's sake.

Do you think Robert actually called Rupert to hash things out?


Photo via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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