Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Either Made Up or Just Like the Same Hotel

justin bieberWell I called it! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are definitely, permanently broken up. It's ov-- (record needle ziiiiip) WHAT? Oh my Bieb. What's this I hear? Bieber's driver brought him to pick up Selena at LAX? Then the driver dropped them both off at Selena's house where they supposedly spent the night, probably but not necessarily having make-up almost-sex? And then the two paid a visit to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, arriving at separate times?

Oh lawd, I think Justin and Selena may have just reconciled. TMZ has the photos, though we see "Bieber" and "Selena" mostly from the back and the side. "You know young love," the tabloid muses fondly, "predictably unpredictable."

Gag. Selena, as your self-appointed BFF you didn't ask for: WTF?!?


And here I was, looking forward to finding out which hot Hollywood man Selena would date post-Bieber. I guess their managers want to keep their PR-driven romance going just a few more news cycles before finding new strategic partnerships for their respective clients. OH WHAT -- that's too cynical?!?

Whatever. Look, I remember being a teenager. I dated a wonderful boy for two years. It was super, super intense ... until I went off to college and suddenly remembered that there are many, many other men out there and that I could be dating a variety of them instead of just one guy. So I broke it off and never looked back. It was the best thing I could have done.

But who knows -- maybe it's drama Selena is in love with, and she's just playing Justin like a squeaky little violin. 

I say all of this assuming Selena and Justin really did reconcile. But let me tell you about conspiracy theory number 485: They actually met at the Four Seasons with their managers to work out the wording of their breakup announcement! Hey, a girl can dream.

How much longer do you think this yo-yo relationship will go on?


Image via Splash News

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