Kate Middleton & Prince William's Engagement Anniversary Is Ridiculous to Celebrate

kate middleton prince williamAnyone who just can't get enough royal romance is shouting it from the rooftops: Today marks Kate Middleton and Prince William's big, exciting, and of course very very royal anniversary! Oh, but wait, they got married in April, didn't they ...? So there must be a mistake? Nope, November 16 is the anniversary of their official engagement. And although we have no confirmation on what they're actually doing to mark the day, apparently, an engagement anniversary is a whole different, separate event we're supposed to celebrate!

What, you didn't know that on top of the anniversary of your first date or whenever you officially became a couple (or both) and the anniversary of your wedding, your engagement anniversary should be circled on your calendar? Ha! Neither did I until I started reading bulletin board threads on The Knot and Wedding Bee. Apparently, some couples celebrate every single little anniversary. Every. Year.


Granted, some couples got engaged on their actual anniversary -- and maybe if they're super-lucky, they got married on that same day, too, so it all works out rather well to zero in on one day. But for the rest of us who were all over the map with those significant days, what's wrong with focusing on one? Sure, it could be cute to mark the engagement anniversary if you pass over it on your way to the wedding. Like it'll be one year since my fiance and I got engaged on March 4. We're getting married on May 4. So maybe we'll do something simple, sweet, meaningful -- but not too elaborate, hey, we have a wedding to save for! -- this March, but every year after that, I can't see many pros to making it a big deal. We'll probably even let that "first date" anniversary fall by the wayside for the most part. Following in our parents' footsteps, I'm thinking there will only be one big anniversary from our "I do"s on out: Our wedding anniversary.

Because there's enough pressure on our dear SOs (and hey, on us) to go get the perfect flowers, write the perfect card (or better yet, full-on love letter), and plan the perfect night out on our actual anniversary. To do it at least three times a year definitely takes away the significance and meaning and bliss of your actual, real, special, ONE day. Plus, hello, it can get confusing! When are your friends and family supposed to wish you a happy anniversary? On the day you first met, you first went out, you first kissed, you moved in together, he first belched and didn't say "excuse me"? I mean, come on!

I'm all about any excuse to be romantic and sentimental with your spouse, but in the end, even if you're Kate and Wills, there's no need to go overboard. After all, it's called an anniversary, because it's annual -- once a year!

How many anniversaries do you celebrate with your S.O.?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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