'DWTS' Salaries Don't Even Begin to Justify All That Hard Work

DWTSMargaret Cho was once a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, and now she is tearing the lid off the secret of the show: the "stars" who perform on it make $200,000 and the one who wins receives a $100,000 bonus. Meanwhile, the pros? Get about half that.

Pretty messed up, no? The stars make bank and the pros make half of that? Hmmm ... that just seems not right.

Granted, the show is WORK. It's a lot of work. It's long rehearsals and commitment and all day at the studio. It's missed family time and exhausting routines and injury and risk. Hell, when you think about it, $200,000 seems like too little, no? How much do stars on sitcoms get?


One of the reasons reality shows have thrived in recent years is that they are cheap to produce. They can pay the "stars" small amounts of cash and, with good ratings, can take it all to the bank.

But that seems unfair, no? Reality shows make as much as any other show and they cost less to produce, so pay your employees! Maybe $200,000 seems like a lot, but for what they do? It's really not.

This season, it seems like Shawn Johnson may take the mirrorball. But for $300,000, I am not sure it's worth it. She may have been better off doing a Wheaties commercial! Besides, she is a talented woman with a lot of other ways to make money. Dancing With the Stars ought to pay what they make. After all, it must be in the millions.

A show that makes millions and only pays their employees a couple hundred thousand ought to rethink their strategy. Of course the next question is: Do some stars make more than others? Hmmm. Maybe. And if so, then people should REALLY be mad.

Come on ABC! They shimmy and shake their money makers for you. Now pay them more.

Do you think $200K is enough?


Image via ABC

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