'Glee' Recap: Grease Tribute Is the One We Want & Then Some

Glee GreaseIt finally happened! Glee went full on Grease, and never has there ever been a better mash up. Well, at least not since the Rocky Horror episode (and really, it's been too long). Glease lightning was definitely the "one that we wanted" when it comes to some catchy tunes. 

But Gleeks may have gotten a little more than we bargained for come story time. I guess it's appropriate that they were singing about Grease lightning, because the fans were in for some truly shocking moments!


If you don't do a little hand jive when you hear a Grease song there's something dead in your soul, but singing along was almost out of the question tonight. This was one of those episodes so filled with "punch to the guts" moments it was too hard to catch your breath.

1. Rachel and Finn are face to face. There were only two options when Rachel decided to follow Kurt home to watch the McKinley High production of Grease. Either she and Finn were going to get back together or she and Finn were going to make us cry. Why, oh why did it have to be option two? Rachel, you don't leave the guy who is so sweet he makes jokes about being your "moose" just to make you smile!

2. Cassandra July and Brody hook up. We knew that bitch was bad, but oh. my. Gawd. Being mean to your student in class is one thing. Sleeping with her new guy is a whole new level of crazy.

3. Kitty makes Marley's life hell. First Kitty sews Marley's Sandy outfits tighter. Then she convinces her to throw up in the bathroom? This Cheerio is Cassandra July about 10 years ago and 10 times meaner. Too bad Marley still looks fabulous as bad Sandy, and new guy Ryder noticed. Did he ever notice!

4. Unique gets pulled out of Grease. This might have been my favorite moment of the night, at least in terms of writing. Seeing the transgender kid's parents pull him out of the musical because they didn't want their son hurt for playing a girl onstage was painful to watch. But it's these hit you "right there" stories that made Gleeks out of us to begin with. We need more of these truths on TV.

5. Kurt faces Blaine. I'm not sure which was more painful: that Kurt wouldn't let Blaine explain what happened when he cheated or hearing the words "this isn't home anymore." Does that mean no more visits back home to Lima? Are we going to see even less of Kurt than we do now? Say it ain't so! Bring back Klaine!

What was the most "OMG" moment of the Glease episode for you?


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