17 Reasons We Love Kendall Jenner

kendall jennerIt was Kendall Jenner's 17th birthday the other day, and wow, what an affair. Her party had a Winter Wonderland theme and those crazy Kardashians even brought in fake snow to coat their California lawn. Not that anyone cares, but for my 17th birthday, I'm pretty sure I drove my mom's minivan to the nearby Chili's to hang with my friends. Kids these days -- they're so spoiled.

Anyway! We won't begrudge Kendall for having a kick-ass party. She seems like a kind-hearted, down-to-earth teen who's just trying to figure out who she is in the shadows of her older half-sisters, and her (shudder) mother. So, since I'm pretty sure that present we sent her got lost in the mail, here are 17 reasons we love Kendall.

  1. She's a hustler. Remember that dog-walking scam she* pulled on Bruce? And that time she followed up on the repair of her Range behind Bruce's back?
  2. She's friends with her younger sister, Kylie. As someone with a few sisters of her own, I know it's not easy to always want your lil sis hanging around, especially in those high school years. But on the show, she and Kylie seem to be inseparable. It's sweet.
  3. She puts Kim in her place. When they went to NY to get Kendall a modeling gig, she wasn't afraid to tell Kim to back the eff off.
  4. She's really pretty. What! She is! We can admire her good looks, can't we?
  5. She's sweet with Mason. This is just too cute
  6. She has a sense of humor. She almost got us when she "went blonde."
  7. She's got a healthy body image. Staying active is her favorite way to stay slim. 
  8. She's a hard worker. Modeling ain't easy (so I've heard models say) and Kendall seems to work, and werk, really hard.
  9. A really hard worker. She's only 17 and has her own fashion line.
  10. She's smart about dating. Kendall only wanted to go on double dates -- safety in numbers! Love it.
  11. She rocks tan lines. Only a few more years that she can get away with this, but hey, when you're 17, you can do stuff like this. 
  12. She likes meeting new people. Apparently, it was her favorite thing about going to school.
  13. She gives solid advice. Evidently she told Kylie to lay off the makeup.
  14. She loves lotion. I'm sorry, that's just too funny to pass up. 
  15. She's a Scorpio. The so-called most powerful sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are strong, emotional, and sexual beings. 
  16. She's a cheerleader. Aw, how down-home is that?
  17. She volunteers. Kendall's got an altruistic spirit and says that volunteering gives her a new perspective.

Are you a Kendall fan?


Photo via Brendon Thorne/Getty

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