'Breaking Dawn 2' Movie by the Numbers (SPOILERS)

breaking dawn 2You guys, I just saw the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn 2, and man was it something. I mean ... there's so much there. So many vampires from all over the world. So many kisses between Bella and Edward. So much vampire and werewolf carnage. So much to tell you about! And so many numbers.

Yes, once again we're taking a look at a Twilight movie by the numbers. We won't give the whole thing away because there are some huge, mind-blowing surprises in this movie. But we have to tell you just a little. So be warned: Big SPOILERS ahead!!!!! Read this later if you absolutely, positively don't want to know anything.



12 vampire heads getting ripped off their bodies -- at least. It was hard to keep count.

1 epic battle scene.

4-5 weeks to shoot that battle scene.

75 actors used in the battle scene.

27 minutes of that battle scene footage that appear in the movie.

3 moments when Bella kicks Jacob's ass in one scene.

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3 weird CGI baby Renesmee sightings (why didn't they just use a real baby?).

3 weird CGI child Renesmee sightings (why didn't they just use the actress?).

1 weird CGI adult Renesmee sighting (SIGH).

$131,500,000 estimated dollars spent on the movie.

3 vampires who look like they belong in the '70s band Fleetwood Mac. At least.

1 recording artist's career jump-started by the Twilight series: Stevie Nicks.

3 instances of Jacob calling Renesmee by her hilarious nickname ... Nessie. Yes, he names her after the Loch Ness Monster.

4 scenes where Bella does something funny because she doesn't realize her own strength.

10 emotional outbursts from the mega Twi-hard fan sitting behind me.

4 gifts Bella discovers she has as a vampire.

8 different vampire covens, including the Cullens and Volturi, that appear in the movie.

8 moments when you may find yourself saying "aww!"

0 hot vampire sex scenes. Again!

1 tame, PG13 vampire sex scene.

756 pages in the complete book Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

5 scenes where Aro does that creepy hand-holding thing that lets him read people's minds.

6 scenes where Renesmee does that creepy face-cupping thing to prove she's not an "immortal child."

3 awkward moments for Jacob.

1 scene where Jacob takes off his shirt and pants -- and it's spectacular.

3 vampires who hang out in tree branches.

1 inside joke about how much Kristen Stewart slouches in real life.

115 minutes of movie run-time.

6 passionate vampire kisses between Bella and Edward.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about seeing Breaking Dawn 2?


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