Selena Gomez Blocks Justin Bieber From Her Phone & It’s Really Over Now

Justin BieberFor those of you odds-makers types betting on the outcome of the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split, it's starting to look baaad for The Biebs. (At least for now.) Because Selena is taking no prisoners, y'all. None of that, Yeah, we're broken up but we still talk/text/email all the time stuff for Sel. Nope, word has it she has done the modern day equivalent of washing that man right outta her hair -- she's BLOCKED Justin. And I don't mean she got in front of him and chest bumped him from entering another Victoria's Secret runway show. Nope, she blocked him from her phooooooone, y'all. Serious stuff.


Biebs and Sel reportedly, purportedly, and somewhat incomprehensibly and fantastically broke up because Selena believed he hooked up with a Victoria's Secret model named Barbara Palvin. Palvin has laughed about this on Twitter (Literally laughed. Check out her Tweet), but sources still say that Sel just didn't trust Just. But look at that faaaace, Selena. Would that face cheat?!

Word has it that Justin is desperate to get Selena back, but TMZ reports that sources close to Sel say she has no intention of communicating with Justin anymore -- hence that whole block thing. Not just from her phone either, but from her "other communication devices." Wow. Kids have it so great these days. You can literally just block someone from your life with a few clicks. When I was Selena's age, getting rid of someone was a bit messier. A guy would call, and my roommate would pick up the phone, and then it'd be like:

Me: (whispering) Tell him I'm not here!

Roommate: But you are here.

Me: (whispering) Shh! Tell him I'm not.

Roommate: But he heard you.

Me: (whispering) Tell him it's not me!

Roommate: She's not here. That wasn't her. Yeah, I know you know it was. Okay, I'll tell her you called.

Such awkward! I would have killed for blocking capabilities! TMZ says, however, that Selena has not yet unfollowed Justin on Twitter. So perhaps there's still hope.

Do you think Justin and Selena will get back together?


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