‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny to Host Talk Show ... From His Parents’ Dining Room

vinny jersey shoreMTV thinks you can't get enough of those booze-soaked Jersey Shore kids, so they've gone and given Vinny Guadagnino his own show. After what I imagine was a brainstorming session that lasted three seconds, they decided to call Vinny's new show The Show With Vinny. The setting? Well, it'll take place around Vinny's parents' dining room table at their home in Staten Island. Yes, Vinny's guest will be forced to have dinner with the Guadagninos while the MTV cameras capture all the magic.

And by "magic" I mean the moment when Snooki realizes she's too buzzed to breastfeed and pumps and dumps at the dinner table. Because, really, who's going on The Show With Vinny other than his roommates?


I just don't really see anyone lining up to go dine with Vinny and Uncle Nino besides Vinny's friends. And that's fine and all, just, I see Snooki and JWoww all the time on their show, and I've had my fill of Pauly D. And as far as I'm concerned, those three other cast members can never be heard from again.

Who knows, maybe Vinny's the next Andy Cohen and will surprise us with his ability to pull in talent, but if not, the only thing Vin might wow us with is drunken antics over chicken parm and mootzarell.

Vinny's family sure is entertaining in the context of the Jersey Shore house, but at home, it might not be as funny. A drunk, overweight, hairy uncle hitting on girls half his age in a hot tub at his nephew's beach house is comedic. A drunk, overweight, hairy uncle hitting on girls half his age at home with his nephew at the dinner table is just kind of sad.

Good luck to Vinny, though. He's the smartest of the bunch and certainly the sanest -- here's hoping his show's a fist pumping success.

Looking forward to Vinny's new show?


Photo via Mike L Photos/Flickr

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