Kristen Stewart Handles Cringe-Worthy Breakup Questions in the Best Possible Way (VIDEO)

kristen stewart talks to ariana grandeIt was probably hard enough for Kristen Stewart to stand on the red carpet with Robert Pattinson at the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere and feel all those judgy eyes on her after what happened this past summer. But that was nothing compared to her confrontation with Ariana Grande, who was interviewing her for Ryan Seacrest. Ariana asked her to pick a couple of Qs out of a fish bowl, and surprise, surprise -- both had to do with breakups. The first: "Taylor Swift writes a lot of break-up songs. Is the guy always to blame for heartbreak?" Ridiculous, right?

Thankfully, Kristen's response was perfect. She crumbled up the Q and said, "Nah, come on, come on now." And she had to have been thinking about Rob? After all, wasn't she the one responsible for his heartbreak?


What Kristen went through this past summer was proof-positive that no matter what Taylor constantly croons about, men are DEFINITELY not always the ones to blame for heartbreak. Maybe back in the Mad Men era men could have been more likely to take the fall, by being bold enough to cheat or fail to communicate or, well, just leave. But we're not living in that time anymore. Assuming it's always the guy's fault isn't just an antiquated idea -- it's ridiculously sexist and unfair.

At the same time, pointing the finger exclusively at the "other woman" and slut-shaming is as nasty a trap. Consider the character assassination Kristen faced when the cheating scandal broke. And how in less than a week, David Petraeus's mistress Paula Broadwell has already been painted in the media. When a woman cheats, suddenly we're having a national conversation on man-stealing seductresses. Crazy!

Ultimately, it should go without saying that both men and women could be to blame in the demise of any relationship. Trying to get Kristen to admit otherwise was just plain silly.

Here's the cringe-worthy interview in full ...

How do you feel about the question Kristen was asked?

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