Madonna & Psy Dance ‘Gangnam Style’ Together: Yeah, This Happened (VIDEO)

Psy Madonna
So this happened ...

Who would have thought Psy, a Korean pop star, could have been thrust into our music scene in such a bold and furious fury? To the point that he's worthy enough so that Madonna would bring him on stage at Madison Square Garden New York City for a joint performance? As a Korean and a person who listens to music, it genuinely blows my mind.

And of course when this actually happened, the crowd went nuts.

After Madonna brought on Psy to the stage, they sang "Gangnam Style" and did the cheesy dance number, as well as performed Madonna's own hit "Music" together.

"He flew all the way from Frankfurt, Germany, this morning just to cheer your asses up!" announced the Queen of Pop. And cheer our asses up he did.


Most of you are probably sick to death of "Gangnam Style," but let me tell you, it blasted at a bar I was at on Saturday night and everyone there still busted out the signature dance moves. Okay, so there may have been a lot of some drinking involved, but there are definitely worse songs you could hear at a bar. Right? Maybe? Don't answer that.

Anyway, Psy rocked it in a red suit while Madonna crawled around in between his legs. Then Psy crawled around in between hers. They seem to not really know what to do after Psy's signature dance is over and moved on to "Music," and luckily for you, this video is only a minute and change long. It's worth checking out, then going about your day, most likely forgetting about it minutes after you've seen it.

And that's it, folks! Still, that's probably the most Korean we're ever going to hear at a Madonna concert, and it looks like this song really isn't going to away any time soon. I really am sorry to break this news to you; I'll give you this opportunity to dry your eyes. And say what you will about her, but it's pretty amazing Madonna is 54 years old and still looks and moves like that. It defies all logic, just as the success of "Gangnam Style" has. I'm so glad we had this talk.

Are you sick of "Gangnam Style" and/or Madonna? Aren't you looking forward to dancing to it at your office holiday party?


Image via AssociatedPress/YouTube

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