Kim Kardashian's Makeup Obsession Sends the Wrong Message to Women

kim kardashianKim Kardashian needs to wear less makeup. I mean, just look at her face in this picture. Imagine the time, effort, endurance, and patience it must take to do this to your face day after day. She looks more like an avatar than she does a real woman. 

She rarely steps out without her mask of makeup firmly in place and it's a huge letdown. The few -- few! -- photos I've seen of the girl sans bronzer, blush, mascara, and the rest of her clown-heavy makeup routine have affirmed what I've known all along: Kiki is a natural beauty. A STUNNER. She doesn't need all that foundation and fuss to look good. Honestly, I think it sends the wrong message. It says, "You need all that makeup to be beautiful." 


You see, I wouldn't have a problem if Kimmy was wearing a touch of lip gloss here, a little blush there, some eyeliner to up the sex appeal ... but the girl is a walking-talking pile of fake.

kim kardashian

Take for instance the picture above. If you think that those are a) Kim's real eyelashes, b) Kim's real cheekbones, c) Kim's real eyebrows, and d) Kim's real lips, you have been sippin' the Kool-Aid for too long, my friend. To me, all the makeup makes her less likable and less relatable. I mean, really, who can relate to a woman who looks like THAT? No one. It's like she is a mannequin.

So how could I ever look up to her if her beauty is so untouchable? I couldn't. And I think women should have role models that are down-to-earth, relatable, real people, that don't look like they just stepped out of a magazine shoot. I don't want to waste my time idolizing someone who cakes it on just so that those in the media can drool over her beauty. I want a makeup routine that's quick, easy, painless -- and doesn't require a team of technicians to make it happen.

But I would want to emulate the au naturel version of Kim (pictured below, at left). Look at her. There's no weird UFO-like fluorescent shine to her face, no longer-than-long eyelashes to contend with, no fake, rouge sculpted cheekbones. Nope. Kim looks R-E-A-L. And it's refreshing. This kind of look makes me want to listen to what Kim is saying (or at least give her a chance).

kim kardashian

So Kimmy, please, more natural, less manufactured.

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What do you make of Kim Kardashian's makeup routine?

Images via @kimkardashian/Web.stagram

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