Mary-Kate Olsen & Her Much Older Boyfriend Look Creepy Together -- Let's Face It

mary-kate olsen and oliver sarkozySoooooo Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend, French banker Olivier Sarkozy, are still going strong. They recently were seen "canoodling," as the tabs love to say, at a Knicks game. They certainly looked, um, happy and, er, kozy. And what the hell, I'm just going to say it. FREAKY. They look FREAKY, okay? She's 26 and looks 10 years younger. He's 42 and looks 10 years older. And it's just EESH. Mary-Kate has reportedly said that, regarding their relationship, "everyone has an opinion." I'm not so sure I have an opinion so much as a gut reaction. And that gut reaction is EESH. OOF. ACK. Articulate stuff like that.


In some of these photos, he's even rubbing her head -- like, giving her a noogie. Like you would do to your, uh, daughter. EESH.

Olivier is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. He's probably very suave, very smooth. He's got a $6 million townhouse in the city. I can see the appeal. He's probably worlds more interesting than the young male models and actors Mary-Kate normally meets. But ... OOF. As for him, well, he's French. He's male. Mary-Kate is a beautiful young girl. Who wouldn't be attracted to her? But ... ACK.

Whatever, people, these two just look weird together, end of story. They look half-illegal. If that sounds rude, I'm sure they've heard it before. Mary-Kate has been a star since she was a young child -- so she's probably much more mature than your average 26-year-old. He's French, so he's much more immature than your average 42-year-old. Oooh la la, Francophiles, I keed!

Well, they've been dating for several months now, so something is going right. And I'm not one to not wish love and happiness for everyone. So I'm glad they've found each other. But ... EESH.

Do you think they make a nice couple?


Image via Splash News

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