Jon Bon Jovi's Teen Daughter Arrested After Suspected Heroin Overdose

Sad news today for rock legend Jon Bon Jovi -- TMZ reports that his only daughter, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, was arrested at college after a suspected heroin overdose. Of course, sad news for his daughter as well. But let's be glad it's an arrest and not something much, much worse.

Reportedly, police responded to a call at a college in upstate New York, which Stephanie attends, saying that she had overdosed and was "unresponsive." Cops found her alive and with a "small quantity" of heroin, marijuana, and other drug paraphernalia nearby.


Stephanie was arrested (presumably after being treated). She has to appear in court on a later date. The 19-year-old student at Hamilton College is one of Bon Jovi's four children with his wife of umpteen years, high school sweetheart Dorothea.

Like Sylvester Stallone, who lost his son Sage, Bon Jovi will have his children's issues in the public eye. Everyone assumed that Sage had died of a drug overdose, but it turned out to be heart disease. So let's not draw any conclusions about what exactly is going on with Stephanie now. But there is one thing that is certain: Growing up with a megastar as your father isn't exactly the norm, and it must come with a whole set of unique issues. For one, how exactly do you ever truly embrace and discover yourself when all anyone talks about is one of your parents? How do you know people like you for you and not your dad? How do you shine when your parent is most likely always going to outshine you?

As the celeb, it must be tough to see all of your children's growing pains splashed in the media, even though they didn't make the decision to become famous. (And yes, I'm part of the problem. But I didn't make the rules about what people like to read.)

Of course, there are perks too. Money, connections, people liking you -- even if it is just for your dad, at least people like you! And, hey, free concert tickets. But, at the end of the day, most people just want a loving, caring father and the other stuff is fluff.

Let's not forget that plenty of teens get involved in drugs who don't have famous folks. Teens who come from loving families -- teens who don't. You name it. And let's hope this is a wake-up call for Stephanie.

Have you ever had to deal with a child with a drug problem?

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