Sexy James Van Der Beek Reads 'Twilight' & Makes Us Forget All About Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

james van der beekI thought James Van Der Beek was a huge loser on Dawson's Creek. I thought he was such a pussy. Between his massive forehead and lispy speech pattern, I couldn't fall for him no matter how much Joey Potter tried to convince me that Dawson was attractive. But now! Oh, boy. But. Now. James Van Der Beek has burst back onto the scene with his self-deprecating role on Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, but the good times don't stop there. James' latest ploy to get everyone to realize he's more awesome than Dawson (nailed it!), Mr. Van Der Beek agreed to read an excerpt from Twilight by fire light, on hearth's edge.

People like m'self who hated Dawson are now discovering that they love James. Funny how that works. Watch!


Makes me almost want to read Twilight. Almost.

What do you think of James Van Der Beek's performance?


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