10 Awesome Animated 'Twilight' GIFs in Honor of the Word of the Year

As you may have heard, the Oxford American Dictionary has officially named the word of the year, and that word is ... drumroll ... GIF. No, not the peanut butter brand, GIF as in “graphic interchange format,” a looped series of images that create a stop-motion video effect.

The mighty GIF (which you can apparently pronounce with either a hard or soft g-sound) has been all over the Internet for years, and is often used to make goofy reaction shots from famous people and/or cats.

Since GIF is the year's trendiest term, it only seems right to combine it with the trendiest pop culture phenomenon, and therefore I present for your viewing pleasure: 10 classic, must-see Twilight GIFs.


Oh, Bella

Remember when Edward saved Bella from that van and it was so dramatic because OMG Bella almost died?

I know we all like to give Kristen Stewart shit for not being very expressive, but man, just look at her go.




Continuity fail?

I'm just including this one because pecs.

Fine, and this one too.


Okay, that's just creepy.

Ever wondered how Kristen Stewart lured Robert Pattinson back after the cheating scandal? HYPNOTISM.

For the diehard Robsten fans. Oh, you know who you are.

What are your favorite Twilight images?


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