Justin Bieber Proposed to Selena Gomez & She Was Like ‘No’ & He Was Like ‘Bye’

justin bieberSo, this is an interesting piece of celeb gossip. There's a rumor going around that claims that the real reason Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up is because he proposed to her. And she said no. Twice. Right?! Apparently, a few months ago, Biebs really wanted to solidify their relationship despite his being 18, her being 20, and both being incredibly wealthy kids who have the whole world at their fingertips. But Selena, evidently, knew best. Well, kind of. After proposal number 1, she reportedly said, "Reply hazy, try again (in a few months)." And then when he did, she said, "My sources say no."

If this is true, Justin has some 'splainin' to do. Doesn't he already have a new girlfriend?


It hasn't been claimed "official" yet by publications who claim these sort of things, but as of late, Justin and Victoria's Secret model, Barbara Pavlin, have been spotted together on Twitter and at The Lion King. So, yeah. Something's going on. Because 18-year-old dudes aren't just "friends" with hot lingerie models.

But. Wasn't he just trying to get married?

He was! Well, tabloids say he was, which is good enough for me. So, it's a good thing Selena didn't say yes to his proposal -- for many reasons. One being, he's already dating some new! I'm all for a rebound romance, but when you're breaking up because the girl you love won't marry you, sheesh, at least wait until the body's cold.

Justin, if you're feeling sad or heartbroken right now (which I doubt you are with a VS model on your arm), I feel for you. But you and Selena shouldn't be getting hitched right now. You've got too much going on. And you're like 5. Peace.

Have you ever had a rebound romance? How'd that turn out?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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