Justin Bieber Pulled Over by Cops & Shares a Cocky Photo With Fans Afterward

justin bieberJustin Bieber may have success, fame, and hot new girlfriend prospects, but as far as we can tell, he still has a lot to learn about life. And driving! Despite getting in some trouble for a crazy highway chase a few months back, the kid was pulled over again last night while joyriding in L.A. According to law enforcement sources who spoke with TMZ, the Biebs was initially pulled over for making an unsafe left turn. During the stop, the officer discovered JB's registration had expired. Guess he is too busy juggling two pretty young starlets to get that taken care of?

Adding insult to (thankfully not any) injury, while he was pulled over, it seems he decided to get in touch with his artistic side and take a photo of the scene -- and cop cars -- to post on Instagram. Gee, JB, how gangsta of you.

Check it out ...


justin bieber instagram photo

Grrreat. Showing off via social media that you got pulled over isn't cute or funny. It's cocky, ridiculous, and annoying as hell. He should be ashamed and thinking about how he screwed up -- not snapping pics on Instagram.

Okay, okay, so being that he has worked pretty hard through the majority of his teen years, maybe he's just getting in touch with his inner teen rebel without a cause now? But that doesn't mean fans and parents shouldn't be collectively rolling their eyes at his irresponsible behavior.

Making an unsafe left turn is no joke. About 10 years ago, I was in a terrible car accident caused by driver making an unsafe left turn who my friend ended up T-boning. What if Biebs had caused a similar accident with his reckless driving and the victim was injured like I was? Wouldn't exactly be fantastic PR now, would it?

Thankfully, that's NOT what happened last night, and thankfully, West Hollywood cops were on the scene and gave Biebs the slap on the wrist he deserved. Yeah, he's young, immature, and living on top of the world right now, but that doesn't excuse him from behaving like a responsible and accountable adult behind the wheel. Even if he's driving a fancy fast Ferrari, is being chased by paparazzi, or is running late for a date with a Hungarian supermodel. Here's hoping for his and other drivers' safety, he gets a clue and grows up sooner rather than later.

Are you turned off by Biebs' reckless driving?


Images via Stephen Lovekin/Getty & Instagram

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