Shannen Doherty Fan Threatens Suicide Unless the '90210' Star Calls Her

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty has a bit of a reputation for being a diva, but she showed her true colors as a caring person recently when she called the police after a woman on Twitter reportedly began threatening to kill herself if Shannen didn't pick up the phone and call her. Shannen, who is filming a guest spot on The New Normal, did the right thing by calling the cops instead. Shannen managed to get the woman's New Jersey address (none of this appears on her Twitter stream so perhaps it all happened over direct message) and the local police paid her a visit. They found a 27-year-old woman, at home with family members, who had apparently not tried to hurt herself, denied she felt that way, and refused a medical exam. In other words, someone who wanted attention.


I feel sorry for celebrities these days. It's incredibly easy for people to reach out via Twitter or other social media -- and not all of these people are completely sane. Some threaten them. Others bully. And then apparently you've got those who threaten to kill themselves if a celeb doesn't pay them some personal attention.

Shannen could have easily dismissed this as the ravings of a nutjob, or ignored it, but I imagine she didn't dare. If the woman had killed herself, Shannen would have that on her conscience, even though it had zilch to do with her. Threatening anyone with suicide to get your way is manipulation and control at its worst.

Perhaps this woman has some serious mental issues -- perhaps she just feels entitled to attention from someone she admires, and when she didn't get it, she threatens self-harm. I know an administrator at a Southern college who says every day kids threaten to kill themselves they don't get the grade they want.

Unhappiness is a part of life and no one seems to want to accept that and learn how to deal with it anymore. And, misguidedly, instead of looking to the place where happiness is only capable of coming from -- inside ourselves -- we look to quick fixes. Drugs or relationships or our children or celebrity worship. This woman probably did believe, with all her heart, that a call from Shannen would make her life so much better. Not for a moment did she consider Shannen's feelings or desires.

Shannen did the right thing for this woman she didn't even know and now I hope the woman gets some help and leaves Shannen and other celebs alone.

Why do you think this woman threatened to kill herself if Shannen didn't call?

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