Andrew Garfield's Hilarious Belly Dancing Skills Make Us Jealous of Girlfriend Emma Stone (VIDEO)

andrew garfield dancing on ellenIf anyone's going to challenge a celeb to randomly get up and dance out of the clear blue, it's Ellen DeGeneres. She's done it before -- remember when Britney Spears got a dance lesson from Psy? -- and she did it again today. This time to Andrew Garfield, aka the current Spider-Man, Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network, and Emma Stone's hot BF. But this time, she actually made her guest star dance for a good cause: His very own charity, Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

He was given 45 seconds to do a range of popular dances, from the Irish jig to belly dancing to "Gangnam Style," and for every one he got correct, Shutterfly pledged $1K to his charity. And yes, it turned out to be as amazing and adorable as it sounds. Check it out ...


HA! I am so impressed! Who knew he had that in him?! I would have never guessed he a) was such a talented dancer, b) has such wide knowledge of pop culture, and c) is such a total goofball. But then again, he is dating Emma Stone, and she has made it pretty clear she's got a super-silly sense of humor. So clearly, that's something they share. Oh yeah, plus the fact that they're both incredibly well-rounded, completely charming entertainers. With hearts of gold.

Now I'm convinced: The next Andrew-Emma flick can't come soon enough. And judging from what we've just seen, perhaps it should be a musical!

How adorable is this?

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