Kristen Stewart Is 'Desperate for a Job': Behold Her Incredible Acting Skills in 10 Stunning Photos

kristen stewart twilight breaking dawnWhat's next for Twilight star Kristen Stewart? SHE HAS NO FREAKIN' IDEA. When asked at last night's Breaking Dawn 2 premiere what role she most wanted to play, Kristen couldn't say what her next project will be. "I never really know what I want to do until it's right in front of me. I feel like if I knew what story I wanted to tell, I'd be directing. Desperate for a job, folks!"

We know KStew dropped out of the movie Cali. And she may be in Snow White and the Huntsman 2 ... or not. I can't believe she doesn't have anything lined up by now. Surely someone wants this talented young lady to star in their next film. I mean, have you seen Kristen's range? She's the Meryl Streep of her generation! For your consideration, Hollywood, I give you: The Many Moods of Kristen Stewart.


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