‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Casts Perfect Roslin Frey for Red Wedding Scene

Robb StarkDidn't this latest nor'easter teach you anything? Winter is coming! And it seems that we'll have a long winter ahead while we're waiting for the March 31 premiere of Game of Thrones season 3. But that doesn't mean we're not getting some massive spoilers about how production is going and who's getting cast in these coveted roles.

The latest? British actress Alexandra Dowling has been cast as Roslin Frey. Does that character's name not ring a bell? Of course, we all met gross Walder Frey in season 1, and Robb Stark was bethroed to one of his (many) daughters in a military alliance. Roslin, who's one of Walder's daughters, is going to take part in one of the craziest scenes in the third season ... perhaps in the history of television, and I'm kind of not exaggerating.

If you want to know all about her and what part she plays, read on ahead. If you don't want to know, please don't spoil it for yourself and wait a little while longer. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait, I promise you!


This is what happens in the third book of the series when it comes to poor Roslin. So Roslin is the fifth daughter of the creepy Lord Walder. After Robb hastily marries another woman (they're entirely different characters in A Storm of Swords and in the HBO version), Roslin is set to marry Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark's brother, to help reform and repair the alliance.

Roslin is visibly upset during the wedding and is taken away for the bedding. But then we all know (well, those of us who've read the books, and if you haven't, what are you doing here??) what happens after the wedding: The Freys betray the Starks and slaughter the Stark army, including Catelyn and Robb. They cut off Robb's head and sew Robb's direwolf's head on his corpse. Then they throw Catelyn's body into a river. And it's all incredibly awful and violent and heart-wrenching and unexpected -- to eliminate two beloved characters in one scene! Edmure admits later that Roslin knew what was going to happen, and that's why she was so emotional during the ceremony.

Yep, she's one of the main characters involved in the Red Wedding, probably one of the most anticipated moments in the entire series. It was tough enough reading the action unfold; I can't imagine what it's going to be like actually seeing it come to life. I for one can't wait for the fan reaction to follow the next day. Luckily HBO tends to do little casting wrong, and Alexandra looks like she'd be able to pull off sweet, innocent, young Roslin in one of the most epic scenes ever. She may not have much of a resume yet, but she certainly looks the part (in the book she's pretty and has very white skin, a small chin and nose, and large brown eyes)! Come on, is it March 31 yet?

Did you remember who Roslin Frey was? Are you looking forward to the Red Wedding scene?


Image via HBO

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