Hurricane Sandy Leaves Justin Bieber Tickets for Family, But Takes Everything Else

justin bieberAwful stories of devastation about Hurricane Sandy victims continue to emerge, and some of them -- most of them -- are enough to make you cry. But some -- like this one -- have a silver lining. It's a small silver lining, but still -- better than nothing. Thirty-seven-year-old mom of two Laurie Gjenashaj and her family had basically lost everything in the storm a few weeks ago. Their home in Midland Beach, Staten Island was destroyed, along with everything in it.

But thanks to one incredibly kind and understanding person, Laurie was able to recover one thing: Her Justin Bieber tickets.


Laurie had bought eight tickets to a Biebs concert before Sandy hit -- and sadly, they were sitting in her kitchen, which wound up being flooded. But! But. The nice vendor she bought them from on eBay happened to be a particularly understanding person, and Laurie was able to get replacement tickets -- for all eight.

So, Monday night, Laurie, and friends of hers who have also been displaced by the storm, took their five kids -- ranging between the ages of 5 to 9 -- to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn to see the Biebs. One of the little ones toted a sign that read: "I don't know if this makes sense. Sandy made us homeless and broke but you're our hallelujah," a play on one of Bieber’s songs.

Clearly, Laurie would take having her home and her belongings over one night at a Justin Bieber concert any day of the week. But it's comforting to know that someone was looking out for her. And it had to have been really comforting knowing that she never had to tell her kids that they couldn't go see Justin Bieber.

Have you heard any heartwarming stories from Hurricane Sandy?

Image via iloveJB123/Flickr

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