Kim Kardashian’s Trip On Stage Makes Her Seem Almost Human

It's funny when people fall, isn't it? Who the heck knows why we laugh but our immediate reaction after we see someone fall is usually Hahahahaahaha!! I mean, unless the person gets hurt, then we at least try to stifle our laughter. So this video of Kim Kardashian sashaying down the stage in her ridiculously high heels and in her ridiculously long dress train is pretty funny for one reason -- that moment when it looks like Kim is about to land splat on her pretty face.


Kim was presenting at the MTV European Music Awards when the mishap happened. And it couldn't have been more precious because of the build-up of the gushing announcer, who introduces Kim as "all-around celebrity royalty" -- like he's introducing, say, someone important.

Kim comes out smiling from ear to ear -- little idea of the invisible banana peel lurking on the shiny stage. She strides forward confidently and then -- suddenly -- boom! -- ohh, out goes her heel from under her foot, and her foot from under her ankle, and her calf from under her knee and -- ohhh! Ladies and gentlemen!! -- she's upright! She's walking again! She's smiling!

She did not fall.

But it's damn close. And that woulda been supa dupa stupendously funnah. Provided she didn't get hurt, of courrrrrrrse. Anyway, Kim handled it like a champ. Hey, Kim, we've all been there. I mean, your fall would have been soooo much worse because you would have millions of people watching it -- not to mention writing about it. But, Kim, that backside of yours is just made to cushion a splat on the ground, so no worries.

Does this make you laugh?

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