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Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling: 32 Reasons to Love Him So (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Sheri Reed Nov 12, 2012

Ryan GoslingThe talented and beautiful Ryan Gosling turns 32 today! Just 32 years young, can you believe it? Happy Birthday, Ryan. 

Not sure how we all got so lucky to get to be walking on a planet that's repeatedly showered (omg, showered ... Ryan Gosling ... gulp!) in Ryan Gosling films, which also means lots of Ryan Gosling sightings and press events and red carpet premieres, and, of course, the films themselves. After all, Ryan is not only my #1 crush, but he's also one of my favorite actors. He can act! He can really act! God bless America!

So let's celebrate a happy 32 and a happy 32 more with an ode to Ryan Gosling. 32 reasons that we love him so!

1. Ryan Gosling is the real deal and baby, he was born this way.

2. He was a Mouseketeer! With Justin Timberlake!

3. He's playing it totally cool about the Christian Grey role. He knows it's in the bag if he wants it.

4. The man has inspired his very own Ryan Gosling manicure.

5. Swoon. He plays piano!

6. He declined an offer to audition for the Backstreet Boys but decided to pursue acting instead. Brilliant move!

7. RyGos's viral alter ego is a feminist (and now a book too).

8. He inspired the most brilliant political meme of the 2012 Election: Paul Ryan Gosling.

9. Ryan Gosling saves lives, for goodness sake! (Save me!)

10. His danger fantasies are hot. 

11. He has a fine appreciation for older women. As he should. (Call me!)

12. He has personally inspired an impressive number of Tumblr sites.

13. Even though we're jealous of his girlfriend Eva Mendes. It's nice to believe Ryan is no commitment-phobe. I love how he held her hand at the Toronto International Film Festival.

14. Four words: Ryan Gosling Coloring Book.

15. One of my favorite movies in the world: Lars & the Real Girl. Such a good film.

16. His next film Gangster Squad, which had to be reworked after the Aurora shootings, is due out in January 2013.

17. We'll soon get to see Ryan interacting with real-life girlfriend Eva Mendes in their new film, The Place Beyond the Pines, which is set to hit theaters in March 2013. He's playing a new dad on the cusp of turning criminal to support his wife and kid. Swoon!

18. Ryan had to learn Muay Thai (a kickboxing-like combat sport in Thailand) for his role as a British gangster living in Bangkok. The film is titled Only God Forgives and also comes out next year.

19. Hey girl, Ryan's a writer and director now, too. How to Catch a Monster, which also stars Christina Hendricks, is due out in 2014. Director Ryan. Mmmhmm. (Direct me!)

20. There's more, too. He's also been spotted on the set of Terrence Malick's new film smooching and slow dancing with co-star and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara. All I've heard is love triangles in Austin, TX (I'm in!). No word on when that'll be out.

21. Clearly, this man is unstoppable! Keep 'em coming, Ryan!

Reasons 22-32 shall be revealed in photos. Obviously. Sure, it's Ryan's birthday but now it'll feel like your birthday too! Enjoy!

Why do you love Ryan Gosling?


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1He Wears a Necktie Really Nicely

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2He Can Make a T-Shirt Faint-Worthy

Image via Trois Couleurs

3Hell, He Can Even Rock a Pajama Shirt

Image via GQ Russia

4Those Eyes!

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5No Words ...

6This Kiss in 'The Notebook'

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