Anne Hathaway's 'Les Miserables' Starvation Diet Details Are Deeply Disturbing

anne hathaway vogue Les Miserables isn't out in theaters until December 25, but Anne Hathaway -- who plays the struggling factory worker Fantine -- is already setting off the critics by discussing the lengths she went to during production of the film. Anne, who already has a slim frame, famously dropped 25 pounds for the role, losing 10 pounds with a cleanse, and then another 15 in just two weeks (whaaaat!) by going on a "near-starvation diet." More specifically, according to a new interview the actress gave Vogue, all she ate were two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day. What the hell?!

I understand many actors feel it's necessary to employ method acting for certain parts. I understand that Hollywood encourages weight loss or weight gain for certain parts. But seriously, two weeks on, what, 100 calories a day?! How is that okay? Unsurprisingly, but worst of all, it's almost as if Vogue is glorifying what she did.


Anne defended the diet:

I had to be obsessive about it -- the idea was to look near death. Looking back on the whole experience -- and I don't judge it in any way -- it was definitely a little nuts. It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that's who Fantine is anyway.

Maaaan. I really LOVE Anne Hathaway, and I want to be cool with whatever it is she felt was necessary for the part, but it's more than "a little nuts." Of course she's not saying that anyone else should do what she did, but doing it at all and then discussing it so openly is sick, dangerous, and troubling. She and the Les Mis producers and even Vogue should be ashamed to be making it like this "starvation diet" is not only par for the course, but hey, it's gonna win 'er an Oscar! With an attitude like that, no wonder the number of Americans suffering from eating disorders just keeps skyrocketing.

All I'm saying is there had to be a better way. Hollywood needs to figure out a way to save stars like Anne from having to unhealthfully lose (or gain) weight for a role. It's not like we don't live in a time when we don't have all the most high-tech makeup and digital effects at our fingertips. Don't tell me they couldn't have hollowed out Anne's cheekbones or put dark circles under her eyes with the right shadowing makeup or CGI in post-production! And if she couldn't have given an Oscar-winning performance without putting her health at risk, maybe then it's not a performance the Academy should feel comfortable honoring.

What do you think about Anne discussing her starvation diet?


Image via Vogue

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