Robert Pattinson's Kristen Stewart Confession Makes It Sound Like the Joke's On Us

robert pattinson Remember back when Robert Pattinson made his first appearances on the interview circuit post-cheating scandal? Really, he was just out there to promote his flick Cosmopolis, but of course the ONLY question on any interviewer's mind was whether or not he was surviving in light of GF Kristen Stewart supposedly shtupping her Snow White & the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders behind his back. He somehow made it out of that PR blitz without really having to talk much about his personal life, but now, in the wake of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere, he seems to be taking a different, more forward approach.

Speaking with The Washington Post, Rob actually addressed the idea that the Twilight publicity machine is using his romantic relationship as a marketing tool for the film ...


His response:

For one thing, it would be a terrible marketing tool, and it’s not utilized very well at all. People will say anything. I’m still amazed that people even believe anything [that’s said about us]. I mean, it’s one of the craziest things about the whole situation, where you can see the whole — is paradigm the right word? — of celebrity gossip, celebrity culture type stuff that’s literally entirely made up. There’s a story line. You have a set character and your story line is written for you. And it doesn’t matter what you do. I talked to Reese Witherspoon about it a while ago, and she was the person who really told me, you get given a character. I mean, I’ve literally tried to do things to throw people off, and it just doesn’t get printed.

Oh really, he's "tried to do things" to throw people off? Kiiiinda sounds like he gets a kick out of trying to manipulate the media and the public's opinion! Also, the part about him being "amazed that people even believe anything" sounds highly suspicious, especially following what went down this past summer. Is he amazed that people believed Kristen actually cheated on him with Rupert? Or that he and Kristen were ever a couple to begin with? The questions are endless!

What's more, there was quite a bit of buzz that the whole scandal may have been orchestrated by Rob and Kristen alone -- just as a gag on the media, a ruse to see how much they could influence what's written about them. If you read into it even just a bit, Rob's "oh-so-innocent" act doesn't exactly do much to dispute that possibility.

But oh well, will we ever know the truth? Do we even care or are we perfectly content to just keep playing the guessing game and then go see BD2 ASAP? I vote the latter. Marketing game or not, Rob, Kristen, and their soon-to-be box office smash have already come out on top.

Do you believe the conspiracy theory?

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