Latest 'Walking Dead' Plot Twist Has Us Preparing for the Worst Kind of Death

lori and car the walking deadSo of course some of you haven't seen the last couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, because, well, I don't know -- sh*t happens, like power outages and snowstorms and other stuff that probably wasn't your fault. That last part (about it not being your fault) is why I won't come right out and debate what is now The Big Season 3 Question until after the jump. Okay? But if I find out the only reason why you're not caught up on The Walking Dead is because you felt like watching, oh, I don't know, Breaking Amish instead, I'm going to be really, really disappointed.


Anyway, now that you clearly clicked on "Read More," all bets are off, so ... am I the only one who feels like they should just go ahead and re-name the show The Walking Dead: Countdown to the Episode Where the Baby Inevitably Dies, Because How the Hell Is She Going to Stay Alive?!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure this is what's going to be running through my head during every episode for the rest of the season: Oh my god, where's the baby? Is she okay? They didn't leave the baby alone, did they? What if they run out of formula? Shooting zombies with a baby in your arms would be really hard. What's gonna happen when the baby starts crawling? That's it and that's all, from the opening theme to the final credits.

Maybe it's the whole maternal instinct thing. I've been worried sick about something happening to Carl since the beginning of the series, too. (Now I'm more concerned about Carl's mental health than anything else. Good lord above, is that kid having the WORST childhood ever or what?! Hey there son, you don't mind shooting your mom in the head, do ya? Excuse me while I go and rock back and forth in a corner remembering the gut-wrenching horror of that scene.)

Either way, the writers must have known people like me would automatically become a million times more invested in the non-walkers' welfare when the baby came along (which is I guess why they didn't kill her off along with Lori like in the comics). So maybe they'll keep her around? Come on, please???

Do you think Lori's baby will survive this season of The Walking Dead?


Image via Gene Page/AMC

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