Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez Will Come Back to Him

selena gomezIt sounds like Justin Bieber isn't giving up on Selena Gomez yet. Rumor has it she was the one who broke up with him -- but as we said yesterday, sources from his side say it ain't necessarily over between them yet. In an interview with radio show "Open House Party" yesterday Bieber wouldn't confirm or deny that he and Selena are dunzo. Instead, he said, "I don't know what to say. I don't know what's going on in my life... To even assess that it doesn't make sense 'case I have not made any comment."

And now TMZ has an exclusive from Bieber insiders who claim he thinks they'll kiss and make up. "The way Justin sees it... they've broken up a bunch of times before and this is just another blip." They've been told Justin isn't even "freaked out" over it. But maybe he should be.


Kind of sounds like he's too cavalier about this whole thing. I mean, we've all heard that line from men before, right? "She'll be back!" Ooh, it's so arrogant and condescending! Man, if I were Selena reading this it would just piss me off more. "NO I WILL NOT!" 

Jeebus, maybe Selena needs to record a cover of Taylor Swift's, "We are Never Getting Back Together" just to drive the point home with Bieber. If Justin doesn't think she's serious this time he's just in denial. (You are serious about this breakup, right Selena?) 

Every on-again-off-again relationship ends the same way: OFF. Why postpone the inevitable? C'mon kids, get it over with. Release your official statements confirming the breakup already. Greener pastures await and all that.

Should Justin be taking this breakup with Selena more seriously?


Image via NoRegretsGoForIt/Flickr

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