Katie Holmes Loves Box Wine -- She Really Is Just Like Us (in College)

katie holmes
The lady will have a Franzia.
How does Katie Holmes unwind after a long day? She puts Suri to bed, slips into her jammies, throws in a Dawson's Creek DVD, and rips into a box of wine. Okay, those first three things aren't true, but the fourth one is. Katie Holmes loves boxed wine, you guys. And, yes, I'm taking the time to write a post on this. Why? Because it's awesome. And because there's a whole mess of other non-fancy things Katie likes that you might be interested in knowing about ...


In addition to revealing to The New York Times her love of "box wine", Katie also came clean on the fact that she loves Funyuns; microwavable burritos; beans "right out of the can"; and she also told the reporter that she mixes the very last drops of her shampoo with shower water and "shakes it up real good" in order to avoid buying a new one for as long as possible.

I'm kidding.

But again -- Katie really does love box wine! I know! It's crazy!

Why is it crazy? Because she lives in a $12,500 a month apartment in New York. And because her 6-year-old daughter knows that the "v" in Bvlgari is really a "u." You wouldn't peg Katie as someone to drink box wine like I do now did in college. You'd think she'd be sipping, or bathing, in Dom P.

Katie, I knew I liked you the minute you stepped out on Tom. But now I know it: You and I are meant to be.

Do you ever drink box wine? Do you actually believe that Katie does? Do you wish you didn't read this post?


Image via LLLEV/Flickr

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