Robert Pattinson Wants Edward to Admit He's Gay in 'Twilight' Sequel (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson

Man. Who knew Robert Pattinson had such a great sense of humor? It seems like with every interview he does for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional tour, he gets even funnier -- to the point that he could probably consider a second career in stand-up comedy.

Rob appeared on Ellen with co-star Taylor Lautner, and he admitted to her that he'd consider doing a sixth Twilight film -- but only if two conditions are met.

First, he wants some sort of Avengers-style alien invasion, and he also thinks Edward Cullen should go ahead and come out of the closet as far as being gay goes.


Take a look at this video clip from the show to hear more about the changes he'd like to see happening in Edward's "life."


Ok, so I know he was kidding and all, but doesn't the idea of Bella and Edward having a Will and Grace relationship sound kind of endearing and adorable? And if they're going to make Edward gay in the next movie but still have him shack up with Bella to raise Renesmee, they ought to think about throwing Taylor Lautner into the mix to make things really interesting.

Wouldn't it be a dramatic turn of events if Edward were the one to switch to "Team Jacob"?

(Bella would be SO pissed.)

What do you think of Rob's awesome sense of humor?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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