Jonah Hill & CNN Anchor Act Like 12-Year-Old Girls in HILARIOUS Twitter Tiff (VIDEO)

jonha hillTwo people you may or may not have heard of got into a cute little Twitter spat yesterday, and zomg, you guys, it's adorbs, slash, really, really pathetic. Here's what happened: CNN anchor Don Lemon saw Superbad star and Moneyball Oscar nominee Jonah Hill in a hotel and wanted to tell the young comedian that he thought he was funny. Jonah then shook Don's hand and went on his way. Evidently, that wasn't enough for Mr. Lemon, so the news anchor took to Twitter to start a little hair-pulling contest.

It's as sad as it is hilarious as it is mind-boggling as it is sad. Did I mention it's sad? But most hilarious. Here's what they tweeted to each other:


Don Lemon goes: Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn't know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind.

Then Jonah's all: @DonLemonCNN i said hi what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn't realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace.

And then Don's all: .@jonahhill Hardly. You're not my type. But I know rude. And u were.

And then JONAH'S all: @DonLemonCNN I walked out of the restroom and found you waiting for me. Shook hands, said hi and was on my way. Sorry if you found that rude.

So DON'S like: .@jonahhill Was waiting for luggage. Bellman and I laughed about how self-important u were. Just being honest. Be nice. Stardom is fleeting.

And theennnnn, Don went on CNN (CNN!!) and managed to drop a story about how he missed a flight just so he could fulfill his cab driver's request and take a picture with him, then went on to say that he felt like Jonah treated him like the help.

Girls, girls, please! Can't we all just get along?

It sounds to me like Don's making a mountain out of a Jonah Hill molehill, and was just ... I don't know, maybe a little miffed that Jonah didn't instantly recognize him in a wink-wink, we're both in the celebrity club kind of way? In Don's hissy fit he told Jonah that he laughed at him, that he's rude, and that he's not that famous (Don didn't know Jonah's name, after all. Ooh, burn.).

Seems like Jonah's come out on top, but if you ask me, they both should stand on the wall at recess. And no dessert for a week, either.

Whose side are you on?


Photo via Will Folsom/Flickr

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