Robert Pattinson Thinks 'RPattz' Sounds Silly but These 10 Celeb Names Are Worse (VIDEO)

Robert PattinsonWho woulda guessed, Robert Pattinson isn't a huge fan of his nickname RPattz. OK, so we've known that for a little while now. But the Breaking Dawn Part 2 star told Today's Savannah Guthrie Thursday morning that he wishes he could figure out a way to drop his famous moniker, saying that it sounds "like an antacid tablet." Hmmm, now that I think about it -- the guy's got a bit of a point.

But come on, Rob! Don't feel so glum about a little name abbreviation. It's all about ease with the fans these days, and I bet that Kristen Stewart, or should we say KStew, loves it! Besides, there are LOADS of celebrities who have stupider, sillier names than you. Thus I present you with 10 ridiculous celebrities with names that are worse than RPattz:


1. Metta World Peace (Ron Artest): Um, yeah.

2. T-Pain: Who wants to have the word "pain" in their name?

3. Yeezy (Kanye West): Sounds like what they should call getting gum on your shoe.

4. P. Diddy: Puff Daddy, Diddy, P. Diddy, I just can't keep 'em all straight.

5. Ke$ha: WHY must we put symbols in our name. WHY!?

6. Moxie Crimefighter (sorry Penn Jillette): The little girl is adorable but the name? Just ... weird.

7. Earl Sweatshirt: ... Really.

8. Weird Al: Again, being referred to as weird -- not my cup of tea.

9. Chad Ochochinco: OK, so he has changed his name back to his original -- Johnson. But to think that this was ever a good idea is just beyond me, Mr. 85.

10. The Artist formerly known as Prince: A symbol FOR a name. No. Words.

Watch Rob dish about Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Today, here:

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Are you a fan of Rob's nickname? Do you think these names are worse?


Image via Sheri Reed

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