Lindsay Lohan Cancels Barbara Walters Interview in Her Most Sane Move to Date

lindsay lohanYou know how, like, the election's over, the storms are over (for now), and everyone's just happy to be moving on with their lives? Well, I think that's a little premature. We've still got Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime movie Liz & Dick to premiere, and then, maybe after that, we can all take a breather and settle in for a returned sense of normalcy. To that end, Lindsay's gone and gotten herself a new PR team and they've decided that Lindsay should not appear on 20/20 and talk to Barbara Walters.

Is that crackling sound hell freezing over? Did Lindsay just turn down an opportunity for press? Hallelujah!


This new PR team might be the best thing that ever happened to Lindsay.

Obviously, Ms. Lohan was scheduled to go on 20/20 to promote Liz & Dick, but her new handlers pulled the plug when they found out Barbara intended to delve into Lindsay's personal life. You know, Babs just wanted to gab about the car crashes, the drug allegations, her drunk mom, her vindictive dad ... the normal stuff, and her new reps were all like, "Nuh uh, not on our watch."

While I'm dying to hear how Linds would respond to all those juicy topics Babs wanted to bring up, I think it's a savvy move to cancel the sit-down. Lindsay doesn't owe us any explanation. I mean, we all know her personal life is really fucked up ... do we really need to hear her spin a story about how OK she is? Nah.

It's best that LiLo lay low for a while. Hopefully her new managers will help her stay out of the limelight for a while as she, hopefully, tries to recover.

Because once Lindsay is recovered, we're all recovered. Now, if only they could get her off Twitter.

Do you want Lindsay to stay out of the spotlight for a while?


Photo via mimosveta/Flickr

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