David Beckham’s New Underwear Ad Delivers the Complete Package (PHOTO)

david beckhamWe're used to seeing incredibly gorgeous photos of David Beckham. His body is a work of art complete with tattoos, chiseled cheekbones, hair you want to run your hands through, and strong thighs many fantasize about straddling. But his latest photographic offering comes in the form of an ad for H&M and it's here where he delivers us the ultimate package -- his own.

Hello, David! And hello, (not so) little David! Nice to see it seems like you're in on the Movember act, and showing off the contours of your royal jewels at the same time.


Seriously, muscles, moustache, manliness on full display -- thank goodness his nipples aren't exposed or this may have been deemed X-rated. Sure we've seen David nearly naked before, but for this undie ad, he seems to show more ... ahem ... goods than that other one we all drooled over back in the spring.

Thank you, H&M, for making the campaign hotter every season. Nothing like the looks of a man like that to warm us up. Has anyone purchased those underwear by the way?

What's that you say? You didn't notice his moustache or that come hither look on his face or even that perfect line of hair on his stomach because all you could see is that bulge in his underwear? Yes, yes, I know. He's all man. What a man. The perfect specimen. It's a wonder he and Victoria don't have 387 kids by now.

Oh we should thank Victoria for sharing him. He sure is so much more than just a doting dad. (Sarcasm there in case your brain is a lovesick mush from the photo.)

Don't you just love these ads? Or do you think this one goes too far?


Image via Splash

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