Miley Cyrus' 3 Weddings Sound Like Any Normal Bride's Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

miley cyrus and liam hemsworthIf you've been wondering about Miley Cyrus's upcoming nuptials to Liam Hemsworth, you're in luck! Miley's dad, "Achy Breaky" Billy Ray, got chatty recently with reporters and revealed that the two are planning on getting hitched not once ... but THREE times! Yes, just like Kim Kardashian and countless indecisive Hollywood stars, Miley's most likely having three weddings. Except hey, at least they'll all be with the same guy!

The buzz is that the wedding locations will be in her hometown of Nashville, his hometown in Australia, and the couple's current home, Los Angeles. Guess when you're rich and famous, it's not all that crazy to have as many ceremonies and celebrations as you please. But yeesh, as a bride-to-be planning my own singular wedding, I do NOT envy Miley one bit!


As I've had no trouble admitting to before, wedding planning is stressful. Turns out, if you think the party celebrating your new marriage is gonna be all about you and your husband-to-be and what you two want, you're gravely mistaken. Just about anyone and everyone -- from your furthest-removed cousin to friends of the friends of the family -- offers their opinion and may try to craft the day to suit their needs. Aside from that, even if your guests are on their best behavior through the planning process, it's STILL practically a full-time job to compare, arrange, and sign off on vendors, logistics, all the little details for one party ... let alone three

Then again, having three very different weddings in three very different locales for three unique reasons could actually take some of the stresses out of the mix! For instance, maybe her best friends in Nashville will help her plan that one, and maybe Liam's relatives from Australia won't kvetch about having to spend on airfare to get to L.A. or Nashville. Maybe these two have got it all figured out. But for Miley's sanity's sake, girl still better hire one -- or three -- wedding planners!

What do you think about having multiple weddings? Would you do it?

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