Lady Gaga Displays Curve-Loving Confidence While Showing Off Her, Um, Coconuts

lady gagaLady Gaga stepped out on the balcony of her Rio de Janeiro hotel room this week to give the adoring crowd below a glimpse at her coconuts. The 26-year-old pop star, wearing only her bathing suit bottoms, held strategically placed melons or something in front of her bare breasts as she waved to her lil monsters below, and emerged later rocking a blue bikini. Before taking all her clothes off, however, Gaga was wearing an enormous denim shirt, biker shorts, and heels taller than the average third grader.

Why Lady Gaga decided to strip down to her bathing suit is unclear, but if you ask me, her near nakedness on that balcony, in front of all those people, and long lens cameras, is proof that she's really living up to her "body revolution" mantra.


After Gaga admitted to having put on 30 pounds back in September, she encouraged her listeners to embrace their shape, breed compassion, and to be brave and celebrate their perceived flaws. Bottom line? She asked everyone to stop hating their bodies.

And it would seem that Gaga's taking her own advice. While many celebrities run and hide from the spotlight like a vampire who sees the sun coming up, Gaga's leading by example and showing everyone she has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. She looks happy, healthy, and fun-loving. She doesn't look self-conscious, embarrassed, nor apologetic. Nor should she.

Unfortunately, there are still some examples out there that glorify skinny (cough, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel, cough), but it's great to see Gaga, as well as Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, promote body acceptance for themselves, and for others. Way to lead by example, ladies! I like it.

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Photo via Pacific Coast News

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