Miley Cyrus’s Surprise Stripper Bachelorette Party Is All Kinds of Fun (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus Ellen DeGeneresSo, most of you have likely heard by now that Miley Cyrus is engaged to one of the most beautiful men on Earth, Liam Hemsworth. Such a lucky, lucky girl! And she became even more lucky due to the fact that she got a surprise bachelorette party while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show -- and of course if Ellen planned it, you knew it was going to be awesome. And it was, my friends. It was.

We may have been raising our collective eyebrows recently at Miley for her iiiinteresting wardrobe choices, her iiiinteresting haircut choices, and her iiiinteresting non-makeup choices, but hey, every engaged girl needs to have an awesome bachelorette party -- and said party must always include some very hot strippers. It's a rule written in stone ... er, somewhere.

Of course, Ellen was able to get Miley to talk about her wedding, but we really need to focus on the important stuff here. Namely, the strippers. And Miley's reaction to 'em. Shall we?


Here they are!

Nothing like some gyrating hips and washboard abs to make you forget your East Coast weather woes, eh? It's great to see Miley take it all in stride and have a good time with it. But isn't Miley's hair ... I have no words for it? To each her own, and I'm sure that breeze at the back of her head must feel really nice, but I just can't get over that blonde flop of hair in the front. She's a badass for rocking it and has a lot more guts than I do ... but you gotta wonder if she's going to get some extensions for that wedding.

Speaking of her hair, here she is talking about it:

In all, it's clear that she really wants to nail "that look," yes, "that look," "that look," on her wedding day, and she may have raised a few eyebrows when she said, "That’s my day and whatever I want on that day will be about me and that moment." Sounds a little selfish ... and not at all what a wedding should be about.

But you gotta remember that the girl's just 19 years old, and it's her wedding and she can do what she wants. Let's just hope it's everything she's imagining it'd be and that she doesn't lose sight of the fact that, oh yeah, she's supposed to be with this guy for the rest of her life.

But at least she'll always have the fond memory of a couple of male strippers on Ellen to get her through those more trying, lonely married nights.

Did you have a bachelorette party? Did it involve any strippers?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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