Adrienne Maloof's Brandi Glanville Bash Fest Has Completely Backfired

adrienne maloofWhen Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started, Adrienne Maloof was one of my favorites. She seemed to be a straight-shooting kind of gal, and she, Kyle, and Lisa were m'girls. Now? Not so much. As of last season -- and episode one of this season -- Kyle and Lisa are still in my good graces, but I'm on the fence with Adrienne. First off, there's all this crazy divorce drama going on with her and Paul Nassif, and second, who sends a gigantic diorama made of plants and flowers to a party they weren't invited to? That's not taking the high road, that's ulterior motives, friends.

So, when I heard that she said that Brandi Glanville is creating drama on RHOBH to "feel more relevant", I not only thought, "Well, that's not very nice," I thought, "Well, this is ironic, Adrienne."


Maloof recently told Haute Living: "Unfortunately, Brandi seems to really like drama, and she can be an instigator. I’m not always sure of her motivation, but being involved in some sort of drama must make her feel more relevant."

Not to get all technical here, but ... isn't Maloof herself creating drama -- and "feeling more relevant" -- by saying these things in this interview? Clearly, this is the sort of comment that's going to garner attention (see this blog post). If Adrienne simply talked about her favorite restaurants, and all the charity work she's doing, and, I don't know, how Beverly Hills needs to put a new stop light at the corner of Doheny and Third, it'd virtually go unnoticed. So it's a bit of a pot calling the kettle black situation. You can only look like you're taking the high road if you're actually taking the high road. I know, it sucks.

Elaborate floral arrangements and sanctimonious pontification aren't fooling anyone. Maloof, sorry, but ya burnt. Please try again.

Do you think Adrienne was taking the high road with that weird flower arrangement?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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