Kristen Stewart Plays Quarters in Stripper Heels With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

kristen stewart jimmy fallonGiant quarters and stripper heels?! I know what you're thinking: Whoa, Kristen Stewart is totally out of control this time! And just when things were finally getting back to normal with Robert Pattinson! Don't worry, KStew's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon wasn't as scandalous as it sounds. In fact, the Twilight star's sit-down with Fallon started out pretty straightforward: Besides the aforementioned extreme stilettos and an uber-exaggerated smoky eye, Stewart could've passed for a nervous young nun or a shy pilgrim, what with that austere black dress and the constant fidgeting. Until she chugged that beer, of course ...


Yeah, not surprisingly, Jimmy Fallon turned out to be the more skilled Giant Quarters player of the two, but Kristen Stewart was a super good sport. And you know what was really sweet about the whole thing? The audience was totally rooting for her, shouting, "Go, Kristen!" and clapping and cheering when she scored. Which must mean a lot to Stewart, considering the death threats she was getting from heartbroken Twi-hards not so long ago.

Also cool: Jimmy Fallon didn't even mention the RPattz thing. Not that I expected him to, but still. Respect.

Did you see Kristen Stewart on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon?

Image via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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