'Glee' Returns & Sneak Peeks Reveal Amazing Reunions (VIDEOS)

glee finn season 4 sneak peek role you were born to playNow that the election is over, it's back to life as usual. And by life as usual, I mean the pure, unadulterated prime time TV we have been missing for weeeeeks now! Tomorrow marks the return of GLEE season 4! Whoohoo!

We already know we can look forward to romantic drama after all of those break-ups (tears!) and McKinley's take on Grease. But what else is in store for us Gleeks? Well, FOX has leaked not one but three sneak peeks for tomorrow's episode, "The Role You Were Born to Play." And yes, we're in for some sweet surprises. Check 'em out ...


In this one, Artie shows up where Finn is now working -- at a tire/auto repair shop -- and works to save him from wallowing in self-pity. Poor Finn! Artie attempts to bolster his confidence by telling him that he needs an artistic outlet ... as in directing the McKinley musical! Very smart -- and sweet!

But I guess even though Finn agrees to do it, it's not all fun and games and flowers from the start. No real surprise there ... But there is another surprise in this clip. A surprise REUNION!

And what would the show's return be without some serious snark from Sue Sylvester? Looks like Sue who has decided to pounce on a couple members of the glee club's "New Class," specifically Wade and Marley ...


Overall, love love love that Mercedes and Mike Chang are baaaack! And obviously they + Artie are going to get Finn's life moving in the right direction again. Amazingness for them -- and oh yeah, for us Gleeks! -- is so on the horizon.

How psyched are you for the return of Glee?

Image via GleeOnFox/YouTube

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