Snooki & Jionni Are Actually Going to Get Married ... Unlike Emily & Jef

snooki jionniThere's something about Snooki and Jionni that makes me think they're the real deal. When I look at them, they make sense. They're both leetle, they both like tanning, they both like hair products, they both like tight clothes, they both like the shore, they both love their baby ... they just add up, you know? And I like that about them. That's why, if some crazed reality show cracked-out soothsayer came and put a water gun to my head and demanded I give odds on Snooki and Jionni actually getting married, well, first I'd try to calmly explain to the crazed reality show cracked-out soothsayer that I've never really understood how to give odds, like, is 5 to 1 good or bad? I don't know! Then, when he agreed to let me give an odds in a percent form, I'd be like, 90 percent! 90 percent!

Snooki and Jionni, much like m'self, are none too pleased with the tabloid rumors that they're only engaged for the fame and are never, ever going to tie the knot.


UH, hello! They're not Emily and Jef! Those Bachelorette lame-os met on the fakest TV show ever and were totally only together for the publicity. Snooki and Jionni's romance is real, people.

Jionni poked fun at the rumor and tweeted:

Haha I just saw a magazine that said Nicole and I called off the wedding! @snooki you could of at least told me first! #classicphill.

One, that is really cute. Two, I wish I was on the inside of that #classicphill joke. Sad face.

And three, Snooki responded: "LOL I hate them."

Awww, you guys! They're so cute together. Even though I was a little disappointed that Snooki and Jionni didn't go as giant pieces of bread for Halloween, and smush their little meatball Lorenzo inside, I'll love them forever for being themselves.

Here's to a 90 percent chance at a wedding!

Do you think Snooki and Jionni will get married?


Photo via snooki/Twitter

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