Kelly Monaco Face Plants on 'DWTS' in Scary Bid to Win It All (VIDEO)

Kelly MonacoThis week on Dancing With the Stars, Kelly Monaco did an unbelievably painful face plant, proving that the all-stars season is really not for sissies. Ouch. The poor woman went from a flip to her face in about 10 seconds flat.

It was a painful reminder (literally) of just how far the contestants are going this season to win -- at their own peril!

Last week Melissa Rycroft faced a nearly eliminating injury with her neck. Her partner Derek Hough was unable to dance this past week due to HIS neck injury. And now this. See below:


Ouch!! My face hurts just looking at that.

Monaco was fine and lived to dance another day, and injuries are par for the course on the show. There is at least one each season, in fact. But I do think this season has highlighted some particularly grueling physical routines.

Part of it might be the competition being SO fierce. At this point all the dancers are pretty much amazing, so it's anybody's game. Because of that, the tricks and moves are becoming much more elaborate.

It's more than that as well. This season boasts quite a few sports stars from Emmitt Smith to Shawn Johnson. These are people who are used to abusing their bodies in the name of their activity of choice, whether it's gymnastics or football or cheerleading (Rycroft), but some of the others are just actors and actresses. Keeping up can be painful.

It's not that the sports stars are immune. Even little Energizer bunny Johnson had an injury last week in her knee. But it's getting more and more serious. Every flip, every turn, every slide can now lead to injury.

Injury, it seems, can lead to failed dreams. Still, it's not worth a trip to the ER. Monaco was lucky this time. But this show has become a broken bone waiting to happen.

Do you think Monaco was trying too hard?


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