Courtney Stodden’s Mom Thinks She’s the Next Kris Jenner (VIDEO)

Doug Hutchison Courtney StoddenWe may have taken a major step forward (or backward, depending on your point of view) in terms of figuring out who the heck is going to be President of this great country of ours for the next four years, but that hardly matters now, in light of this news. That's right, you guessed it: Courtney Stodden's mother is interested in doing a "momager" reality show.

Suddenly this country doesn't seem so great now, does it?

Everyone knows Courtney as the teen bride who married D-list actor Doug Hutchison, who's currently 52 years old. Though her tweets seemed to have gotten a bit more tame lately, she's still notorious for photo shoots that will make you gouge your eyes out and her current stint on Couple's Therapy. All this may be a little more to go on than a sex tape, so Courtney's mom, Krista Keller, wants to step in Kris Jenner's shoes and make her and her daughter as rich and famous as the Kardashians. This really does explain so much about Courtney ...


And of course Krista wouldn't mind becoming famous as well -- isn't that the whole point of making one's offspring famous in the first place? (Ahem, Lindsay Lohan? Britney Spears?)

"I am the momager. I started out producing a little show for Courtney, and it just grew and grew," Krista said to The Huffington Post. "It's a fine line between being mom and manager, but we are very careful. Courtney is the star, but we all work as a team. I always knew there was something very special about her."

Oh, god. My eyes. Make it stop. Krista (supposedly) didn't catch the fame bug until she appeared on an episode of Couple's Therapy. "The producers told me I was incredible, and [they] wished there had been more of me in the show," Krista recounted. "Now there is talk about doing a momager reality show, and I'm very interested ... We are getting so many different offers, so you will be seeing more of Courtney, and maybe me."

How deluded can these people be?? I mean, this is a mom willing to sign papers so her underage daughter could marry a 50-some-year-old man. A mom who thinks her daughter acting like a kitty is normal. Who thinks this is the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day. Who's not surprised by her daughter's porn offers. Oh my god I have to go take a shower.

Shouldn't there be some sort of law against whoring one's offspring like this for fame? Kris Jenner may have perfected the formula to becoming famous for nothing, but this seems to be taking it to a whole new level. Of course, this is just what they're looking for: more press. So I'm guilty of giving into/being fascinated with this whole Stodden phenomenon too. But still, it's amazing the lows parents are willing to go to in order to pimp out their children to the masses. I'm positive it's not going to end any time soon, so as for now, let's hope that no one would dare give this crazy woman a reality TV deal. Is that really too much to ask?

Seriously, will any of us ever be able to forget this interview?:

Would you watch a reality show featuring Courtney Stodden's mom? What do you make of all this?


Image via enews/YouTube

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