Cee Lo's Sexual Battery Accusations Just Keep Getting Weirder

We were all pretty caught up by some fairly important events happening on the east coast last week, and the distraction was probably good news for Cee Lo Green. On October 31, reports hit the web that the animal-sidekick-sporting Voice judge and "F--k You" singer had become the target of an LAPD investigation after a woman accused him of sexual battery.

Official details have been vague about what Cee Lo allegedly did and when and where it all happened, but of course TMZ has the latest scoop on what (theoretically) went down. According to recent reports, Cee Lo is accused of slipping a drug into his date's drink, leading her to wake up confused and naked with him in a room.

At least, that's one version of the events. The gossip is all over the place with this story, and it keeps getting more bizarre.


So one rumor is that Cee Lo took his date to a downtown LA sushi restaurant last July, she had a drink with him, woke up naked in his bed, and went straight to the cops. At that point, cops set up a call between the woman and Cee Lo, in which he allegedly apologized while referencing Ecstasy (although not necessarily confessing he dropped it in her drink).

The latest from TMZ is that Cee Lo had been dating this woman off and on ever since January of 2012 -- sources say she particularly enjoyed it when he bought her expensive things -- and they both consensually took Ecstasy during that date and stayed up all night together.

That's the take from "sources connected with Cee Lo," anyway -- the woman's sources tell TMZ Cee Lo is on tape apologizing and confessing that he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together.

Who the hell knows what really happened here, but I'd say one thing is clear: CEE LO HAS REALLY FREAKY WEIRD LITTLE HANDS.

Cee Lo Green
I mean, WTF, he's like a T-Rex.

On a more serious note, everything about this story is disturbing and gross. If he really drugged his date without her knowledge, that's horrendous -- and if she's making stuff up in order to milk him for cash, that's equally fucked. Interestingly, Cee Lo (along with Christina Aguilera) is going on hiatus for the next season of The Voice, so it might be a good time for him to lie low, hire some good attorneys, and make sure his hookups are of the sober variety.

What's your take on these accusations against Cee Lo?

Image via Cee Lo Green

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