Eddie Murphy's Gorgeous New Girlfriend, Paige Butcher: 8 Things to Know

In case you've been all distracted with the election and Hurricane Sandy, there's something else important going on in the world, y'all. Eddie Murphy has a new girlfriend! And let's not fool ourselves -- she's not exactly who you would normally see a 51-year-old man stepping out with. The beautiful, blonde, busty 33-year-old Paige Butcher is one hot tamale. Here are 8 things you might want to know about her.


- She's not American. Paige is Australian and was born in Perth, in Western Australia. G'day, mate!

- She's a model. Well, duh. Look at her. Did you think she would work in a meat packing plant? Paige began modeling at 13, and at 15 she won the CoverGirl supermodel search in her home country.

- She's a cover girl. Paige has appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine twice, and also on the covers of Fitness magazine and various bridal magazines. (Hmmm ...)

- She's an actress. Sorta. Paige has appeared in the movies Something's Gotta Give and Big Momma House 2. So she's not exactly the next Meryl Streep. But when you look like her, who cares.

- She dates celebrities. Reportedly Paige has also dated Russell Simmons and Tyson Beckford.

- She loves animals. Paige originally wanted to be a veterinarian and she has two adorable dogs, Pomeranian Brooklyn and Yorkie Jackson.

- She's not just a pretty face. Paige volunteers with children and seniors groups and recently took a bunch of seniors in a nursing home shopping. She also helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

- She gets inconvenienced sometimes. She was recently stranded in the Dominican Republic due to Hurricane Sandy.

All in all, I'd have to say Eddie done pretty good! And, if this tweet of Paige's is any indication, maybe she thinks she done good too:

What do you think of Paige?

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