Kim Kardashian's Banging Bikini Body Will Turn You Off Eating Over the Holidays (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianUm ... yeah. So I know I kind of gave Kanye West a hard time for showing off pictures of her in a two-piece to his friends, but after seeing just how smokin' hot Kim Kardashian looked in a pink bikini while taking a morning swim in Miami, it's pretty easy to understand why Kanye is bragging about her bangin' bod.

Bottom line -- she looks GOOD. Like damn good. Kim's figure is so unbelievable, in fact, that it may convince many of us to go ahead and start our post-Thanksgiving diets early and hit the gym now instead of covering up in jeans and sweaters until spring hits.


Seriously -- before you load up on turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes in a few weeks, take a look at this video clip of Kim, because it just might be enough incentive to lay off the carbs for good.


OMG. Be honest, doesn't her svelte figure make you want to hop on a treadmill and get in shape now instead of waiting for bikini season to arrive? And don't her perfect curves serve as a great reminder NOT to over-indulge in holiday goodies this season?

Whatever she's doing to stay in shape is definitely working for her, and Kim even admits that she's lost 10 pounds recently by working out and eating right. (Seems simple enough.)

And even she admits that when she first arrived in Miami to begin filming Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, she wanted to cover up her body because she wasn't confident about her weight. Well, she certainly doesn't have a problem flaunting what she's got now -- and who can blame her?

Does Kim's bikini body give you more incentive to get in shape?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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