Khloe Kardashian's 'X Factor' Diet Might Be the Least Crazy Thing She's Ever Done

khloe kardashian x factorSeems like there's a new weight loss trend in Hollywood -- especially among reality stars. It's pretty incredible, and it entails ... being healthy! Okay, okay, so I'm being more than a bit sarcastic, but it's always encouraging to see celebs taking a realistic approach to paring pounds. Especially when those celebs are the same ones who used to lend their name to diet pills ...

Apparently after vowing to lose 10 pounds before stepping onstage to start her gig as the new X Factor host, Khloe Kardashian did just that! And she did it in a smart, down-to-earth way -- by making little lifestyle tweaks!


The reality star revealed to People, "I tried to cut out a lot of sweets." Interesting -- and a great start ... (You'd be surprised how much a little chocolate here, a tall Frappuccino there can add up and really sabotage weight loss/maintenance efforts!) It's just one habit switch that pairs well with her commitment to three to five workouts a week and "changing her diet slowly."

But that doesn't mean she won't indulge from time to time on something else ...

And I love ... cheese. [Cheese] is not a sweet, but ... I don’t care. [I'll eat] cheese on anything, I don't care. ... [I] binge eat ... and cry.

Ooo-kay! Well, that doesn't sound particularly healthy, but I'm sure Khloe was just kidding around -- and being honest about her weaknesses. Hey, we all of have them! What's great is that she's acknowledging the big picture -- that she's gotta lead a lifestyle that lends itself to a fitter bod. And that means ditching some of her old dieting ways ...

When I used to do things like crash diets or things too fast, it never stuck because it wasn't a lifestyle change.

True that. Like Khloe, I'm finding more and more that lifestyle habit tweaks here and there and boosting activity really seem to be the key to shaving off unwanted weight. Not to mention, as Khloe notes, if you reform any unhealthy behaviors -- or simply adopt healthier ones -- with the mindset that it's for the long-haul, the results are even more sure to last!

What do you think about Khloe's weight loss plan?


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