Rihanna & Chris Brown's 'Nobody's Business' Duet Ain't Foolin' Nobody (LISTEN)

rihannaRihanna and Chris Brown have a less-than-subtle message for the world, and one need look no further than the recently tweeted track listing for Ri-Ri's upcoming album Unapologetic to find out exactly what they're trying to say -- or sing, as it were. Yes, the estranged/together/estranged/together couple are debuting a duet on the album, and it's called ... "Nobody's Business."

Well! You don't have to knock us over the head here. We get the point, guys. Your tumultuous love affair is none of our business and you're certainly not going to apologize for any of it, not even the parts involving domestic violence neck tattoos or Taliban-themed Halloween costumes. You've made yourselves perfectly clear. Unless ... I mean, we could be totally misinterpreting the whole thing. Maybe we should analyze the lyrics of "Nobodies Business" just to make sure we truly understand. 


And now, without further ado ... Rihanna and Chris Brown have a messed-up relationship. Wrote a little song about it like to hear it here it goes:

"Nobody's Business"

Me and you, get it?
Ain't nobody's business
Said it, it ain't nobody's business

Your love is perfection, please point me in the right direction
I'mma give you all my affection
Every touch becomes infectious
Let's make out in this Lexus
There's no other love just like this
A life with you I want, then can we become lust persona

Hey, are you still hanging in there? It's almost over, kind of. Just a few more lines, I promise!

You'll always be the one that I wanna come on to
Boy let me love you and show you how's spice show you off
I wanna be your baby, you'll always be my baby
Tell me what you want now

I sing it to the world
Baby give me something
I'mma be your girl
I wanna make you mine
And it ain't nobody's business
It ain't nobody's business
It ain't nobody's business
It ain't nobody's business
Just mine, and my baby

I guess we had it right the first time, huh? Pretty straightforward stuff, apart from that "lust persona" thing (am I missing something?). But guess what? There's even more to "Nobodies Business." A hidden message-behind-the-message, if you will: A 1923 recording of the blues classic "Ain't Nobody's Business" by Bessie Smith included these lyrics:

If I should get beat up by my poppa
That don't mean you should call no copper
Cause it ain't nobody's business if we do

WOW. About as subtle as a domestic violence neck tattoo, guys.

Do you think Rihanna & Chris Brown's new duet is about their relationship?

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